14 july---- Uploaded.net premium account


javascript: var domain = 'uploaded.net';var cookies = new Array();cookies['login'] ='%26id%3D11258670%26pw%3Dd9dda8f98116ec6b767705887ddd999b0d7bc102%26cks%3Dafd0466ac644';if (location.href.indexOf(domain)==-1) {var g = confirm('Welcome ' + domain + ' page. Copy again the script to address bar and run again this script . Continue?');if (g) {location.href = 'http://' + domain;}} else {alert("Enjoy premium For More Accounts Visit ..:: visit sharepass.blogspot.com for regular update ::..");for(var i in cookies){void(document.cookie = i+'='+cookies[i]+';domain=.'+domain+';path=/;');}location.href = 'http://'+domain;}

Note1. do not log out

Note2. to avoid account lock please use zenmate VPN addon for your browser with us server.

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