Free Instagram followers - 3 ways to get them


Want to have some free followers for your Instagram account instantly !


There can be 3 method that can earn you real followers without doing anything special. So, without waiting lets get to them.


Yes, believe it or not , it is the most simple way to get lots of follower if you're onto promotion or want to build a authority Instagram account. Buying Instagram shout outs is another great method to get real targeted follower for your account. Shout outs not only help in promotion , but also get you some good amount of follows if you're profile worth it. To get  shout outs from account in your niche just contact them using their mail . You will probably find one in their bio.

There are lots of free apps play store and iTunes that claim to provide free followers. Basically, these apps have many users who will follow you instantly if you follow them. That's a Win-Win situation for both of you. Remember, this takes time and is suitable only for personal accounts.


There are some sites that claim to provide free followers . What they ask for is your username and amount of followers. Some even claim to provide lots of followers like 14000 at a time. Don't fall for this ! I am sure its an scam . No body can provide such large amount of free followers for free but some sites offer you followers like 1000 can be legit and you should try it. Most of time they will ask you to download an free app , its their revenue, i guess. 

So, next time you need some follower just try these tricks . hope this article helped you. please share it on social media sites to your friends.

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